How do the Tispr features work?


Seamlessly share ideas, information, feedback and files in Chats. Create groups and channels for specific projects, and receive notifications so you don’t miss anything.

To start a new chat, navigate to the Chats tab at the top left of your screen. Click the plus icon in your Projects or Direct Messages, and enter the contacts you want to start chatting with. You can manage your chat notifications in General Settings, in the Notifications menu.

Whenever you’re invited to a new Project, you’ll be automatically included in a private group channel that allows you to chat with everyone else in that group.  


Keep contacts for your clients, vendors, and teams organized in one place, so you can easily communicate with all the professionals who keep your business moving.

Access your Contacts from the Contacts tab at the top left of the screen. To import or add a new contact, use the buttons on the top right of the page.

You can easily search and filter your Contacts in the search bar. Keep new connections easy to find by adding them to your database.


Easily share files and manage communication, so you can collaborate and bring any project to life on a timeline.

Find the Projects page under the briefcase icon in the left menu bar. You’ll find all of the projects you’re working on, the status of the project, and your fellow project members. When you click into each project, you can view and attach invoices, contracts, and manage members of the group.


Sign, send, receive, edit, and manage your contracts quickly and digitally.

Find all of your Contracts tools by clicking on the envelope icon in the left menu car. Click on New Contract to draft a new document, and choose the customizable template to fit your needs.

Easily view the status, start and end dates, and rate for your contracts with various clients from your dashboard.

Invoices & Payments

Streamline and automate your invoices and billing. Connect to multiple payment platforms so everyone gets paid on time.

You’ll find Invoices & Payments tools by clicking on the money icon in the left bar menu. From here, you can create a new invoice with the button in the top left, or view your Invoice dashboard to keep track of incoming and outgoing invoices, their status, and the amount due for each one.

You can also set payment preferences, set up a recurring invoice, and add customizable extras, like a late fee.

Time Tracking

Keep track of the time you spend on projects conveniently and accurately, and attach your records to invoices.

To use Time Tracking, find the stopwatch icon in the left menu bar. Simply hit the play button at the top of the page to start tracking your time. You’ll be asked to choose an invoice that you’d like your tracked time to be billed to, and the chart at the top of the page will show you the distribution of when you’re working.


Securely store and share documents and files in one convenient location.

You can access all of your files in the Tispr drive by clicking on the cloud icon in the left menu bar. Upload new files to your drive with the button in the upper right. Easily browse your own files, and the files shared with you, or search by date, name, or file type so that you can find exactly what you need.

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